8 year old girl discovers 1500 years old sword at Lake Vidöstern in Sweden

It all happened this summer, when Saga Vanecek, an 8-year-old girl was wading in Lake Vidöstern in Sweden, and discovered something that belongs to history. Saga felt something lurking beneath her body, in the water. Once she lifted the object out of the lake, she was astonished to see that the object had a handle. She pulled the item out and handed it over to her dad. She had discovered a sword that belonged to the Ice Age.

But what was Saga doing in the lake? As per her description, Saga spends most of her free time wandering around and looking for vintage rocks inside the water. She loves wading in the lake. It seems that her interest for rocks led her to the discovery of this historic item.

Once she found the sword and informed her father about the incident, he warned her not to touch it, as it could be dangerous. Besides, the sword looked fragile. It was then; Saga along with her father transported the sword to the authority to figure out its historic background.

The head of the cultural heritage department at the Jönköpings County Museum, Mikael Nordström, was surprised to see the item. He expressed his awe in an email, when Mikael revealed that the sword was originally as old as about 1,500 years.

According to the communication provided by the museum, the sword’s length measures about 33 inches. Surprisingly, the item was found to be in an exceptionally well-preserved state, as it was placed inside a sheath made of leather and wood.

The incident triggered further excavation along the banks of Lake Vidöstern, which led to the discovery of another piece of metal jewellery, which belongs to sometime around 300-400 A.D.

The success of such an excavation inspired the team of professionals, from the Jönköpings County Museum, as well as Sweden’s administrative board, and the members of ‘Swedish Metal Searchers’ to carry out future endeavours. The association hopes to find other items that might yield additional clues regarding the jewellery and the sword.

Currently, a special team of conservators are examining the discovered items. According to Nordström, the sword would be exhibited in the museum once its testing is completed, which is expected to take at least a year.

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