At least 11 die after 5.9 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti

As confirmed by US Geological Survey, Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake of 5.9 magnitude on Saturday evening, dated 6th October. The data also indicated that this quake hit the area around 19 kilometers towards the northwestern periphery of the Port-de-Paix located at Haiti. The initial damage assessment listed out on Twitter by the General Secretary, Renald Luberice from the Haiti Council of Ministers, stated that close to 130 people had actually been injured during this disaster.

As confirmed by Reuters who cited the local officials, a minimum of 11 people died due to the earthquake where 7 people belonged to Port-de-Paix while the other three people belonged to Gros-Morne. The images posted over social media showcased the disaster with structures toppled as well as the dead bodies of the deceased. The earthquake was reported to have occurred at around 00:11:49 (UTC) dated 7th October as confirmed by United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The Haiti based Civil Protection Agency went on to confirm via their statement that there was no warning for any incoming tsunami connected with this recent earthquake. The agency added that this shock was actually felt across various factions of this country, which led to a sense of panic among the residents of several cities.

The injured are being taken and treated at the hospitals in the city. The houses and buildings have been damaged, including the popular Saint-Michel Church located at Plaisance. The teams working with Civil Protection have been running up and down all across the country in order to ensure that everyone is safe. The team is more focused over the area around North West periphery where 2 minor aftershocks were felt after the main earthquake on 7th October.

Luberice further noted via his statement posted over Facebook that government has set up several crisis centers in order to help the survivors deal with this issue. As confirmed by USGS, this quake was about 7.2 miles in depth. Jean-Henry Ceant, Haiti Prime Minister stated via his Twitter statement that this damage was experienced mostly around the northern periphery of the country.

Reuters also reported that these tremors knocked down massive buildings towards the northern-side with major impact seen towards areas such as Plezans, Pontepe, and Gwomon. This isn’t the first time Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake. The country experienced an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude in the year 2010 that killed more than 300,000 people with 1.5 million residents displaced.

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