Christine Blasey Ford under the Senate Republicans scrutiny post revelations by ex-boyfriend

History as complicated as is, often seems somewhat inexorable when seeped in from the hindsight and shaped by the powerful figures that have been operating beyond control. However, when the doctor Christine Blasey Ford stepped in and faced Senate Judiciary Committee dated 27th Sept things were set to change as she raised her hand to swear the oath of speaking truth and nothing else. It was evidently clear that this unassuming professor for psychology and a mother of 2 was actually set to change the order of things.

Now, this courtroom drama has turned 360 with the Senate Republicans stepping up their efforts in order to challenge the credibility of Ford. This issue comes from the sworn statement released by the former boyfriend that contradicts all a major faction of the assertions made by her during the testimony she produced before Judiciary Committee just last week. According to the declaration by the ex-boyfriend, the testimony provided by Ford directly contradicts prior accusations stating Brett M. Kavanaugh had previously sexually assaulted the now professor. In her statement she mentioned that she never helped anyone with preparations of the polygraph examination.

To this, President Trump went on to mock Ford during the campaign rally held on Tuesday. He mimicked her issues with remembering the details of the event that led her being sexually assaulted way back during teenage by the now Judge Kavanaugh. The ex-boyfriend informed that he actually witnessed Ford helping her friend prepare all the setup for what could have been a polygraph examination which evidently contradicts the statement that she gave when under the oath. Dr. Blasey or Ford by her married name is a professor of psychology at California. During her hearing, she was asked if she ever gave any tips or subtle advice to anyone who was in line for the polygraph test. To this her answer was “Never”.

To this, her former boyfriend mentioned that the doctor during the 90s when they were dating assisted her roommate with understanding of the lie-detector test. Her roommate, whose name was Monica L. McLean, actually had some possible open positions at the F.B.I. which required her to pass the lie-detector test in order to complete the interview for the positions.

However, all these assertions were denied by McLean who used to be former F.B.I. agent. She commented that she never had any help from Ford or anyone else for the preparation of interview and polygraph test. Although the name of Ford’s ex-boyfriend has been redacted from all files, an unidentified person updated with the situation stated that the ex-boyfriend in question is Brian Merrick.

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