Driving instructor charged with drunk driving while teaching students

During a particularly frightening ride on Saturday, 4 teens were emotionally disturbed after the man who worked as their driving coach went on to hit several curbs, followed by unprofessional comments, some erratic behavior and constant cursing. This behavior of the instructor was evidently confirmed by 2 of the 4 students who were present inside the car at that time.

Matt McGeough, who is a 16-year-old teen from Holbrook, mentioned that he is glad that he is alive after that entire thing he went through. He also mentioned that the coach was highly unprofessional in behavior with instance where he stopped during the lesson for food. The police identified the driving coach as 58-year-old Russell Cohen from Ridge. The guilty was later arrested on the same day. He was also accused of being drunk while driving, after the officials confirmed that the instructor rear-ended a driver on the Montauk Trail at Ridge.

However, before the scenario turned a 360 degree, the young teens which included Lila Mabanta, a 16-year-old student from Holtsville met the instructor along with 2 more teens at the parking lot of Suffolk County Community College Campus to learn driving in order to get their licenses approved. Cohen was actually the substitute instructor who was working for the Suffolk Auto Driving School. He started behaving erratically almost immediately as confirmed by the terrified students.

The training started with McGeough at the front seat, who drove for a time period of 5 or 10 minutes during which Cohen was sitting beside him on the front-side passenger seat. The other three teenagers were sitting on the back-side of the car. The teens mentioned that Cohen was actually strangely complimentary in his behavior while McGeough was driving. However, Mabanta confirmed that the coach made some unprofessional comments towards her as well as another female that accompanied them.

Mabanta further added that the instructor called them beautiful in rather weird way which made both the girls feel very uncomfortable. Cohen then directed McGeough towards a nearby diner while offering to pay for food for all of them. Once the students reached the diner, Mabanta mentioned that Cohen allowed them to pick up their cellphones that were in his trunk. Once the erratic instructor went inside, all the four terrified teenagers started brainstorming whether the first call should be to the police or their parents.

However, Cohen returned back empty-handed and started cursing only few minutes later. This was when everything went haywire and the teens grabbed the very first opportunity to get out at the local McDonald’s and informed its manager. The police was called instantly but the instructor had eloped by then.

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