Max Muncy sparks Dodgers’ power surge in 6-0 Game 1 win

Max Muncy has been a part of the Dodgers since last year. Although he had spent the entire season as a Dodgers member, he did not get many chances to appear in their games. Being unable to display his sporting skills, Muncy wasn’t sure whether he would be signed again this year. Throughout the post season, when the games were aired during the early morning, Max would watch the high action-packed playoffs at his home. However, he skipped watching almost all games that happened during the night.

Now that an entire year is gone, as the Dodgers arrived for their first postseason game in 2018, Max managed to get a regular place in the Dodgers lineup. He had made a successful transition from a minor tournament to the lineup for a big league. And what a way to justify his promotion, as he played an important role in the 6-0 thrashing of the Atlanta Braves in his first game of the National League Division Series. He couldn’t have expected anything better as he went through a series of underestimating figures from his last season.

Munch agreed that last year the Dodgers had an extremely well-balanced team. The core of the squad has not been altered in this season as well. Max expressed his excitement to be a part of the Dodgers and more importantly for contributing towards his team’s success.

In the second innings of the game, Muncy scored a three-run homer, humiliating Braves starter Mike Foltynewicz in the process. Hyun-Jin Ryu, who had also been left off the team’s postseason roster last year, managed to deliver seven innings of error-free performance. Ryu scored four singles and hit eight. His game made sure that no Brave players could stand on the third base.

It seemed that all the players who were left out of the post season games last October, have come back with a determination to prove themselves. Joc Pederson, who was also absent from the NLDS roster in 2017, celebrated his comeback with a home run. Again, the game of proving critics wrong continued on Thursday, as Enrique Hernandez shut his critics with his credibility. So far, Enrique was considered to be dangerous against left-handed pitchers only. During the game on Thursday, he hit the only shot in the sixth, and that was against a right-hander.

The Braves, who are currently the NL East champions, seemed to be overwhelmed by the amazing performance of their opponents. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts agreed that it was a collective team effort, as they have displayed a great game of baseball.

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