Missing teacher from Maine believed to be found dead in the woods nearby

A dead body was recently found in the wooded locale of Maine during the search conducted for a particular missing school teacher who used to teach the elementary grade. It was reported that she vanished into the dark woods during the early hours just when the week started.

Capt. Craig Smith from Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office reported that it was actually too early for confirmation of any possible relation to this case. The lost person was identified as Kristin Westra who was 47 years old. The sheriff said that it is unknown whether the deceased found in the woods was actually male or female, which meant that the confirmation of the fact whether the body was of the lost teacher might take some time. The sheriff was accompanied by medical examiner at the location where the body was found in order to determine its gender and other autopsy requirements.

Despite no confirmation obtained from the officials, the off-tracked woman’s husband named Jay Westra confirmed on Facebook that he was devastated by the mere thought of expecting her wife to be dead. He wrote on the social media that his heart was completely crushed when he heard about the recent proceedings of the case. This discovery was reported at around 10:30 am in the morning. The body was found at a distance half mile apart from this couple’s house in the North Tarmouth of Maine.

Westra confirmed that his wife actually disappeared after she came back home on Sunday at 8 p.m. He further added that his sleep broke off at 3:30 am in the morning when he noticed that his wife wasn’t by his side. He assumed that she might have slept off at some other part of the house given the fact that she was recently experiencing sleepless nights.

It was later revealed that she vanished even without her phone, keys, or wallets. When the husband woke up the next day on Monday, he noticed that his wife was missing. At first he searched for her all around while confirming with his relatives but she was nowhere to be found. Finally, the husband went on to notify the law enforcement.

The authorities launched several searches throughout the week which included trekking through the dense woods around the couple’s residence. First responders of this case included 8 sheriff’s detectives, law enforcers, and police officers from Maine State. The husband said that he has been making constant effort to reassure his two children that their mother will soon be found.

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