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NASA releases a video of 60-seconds celebrating its 60th anniversary




NASA releases a video of 60-seconds celebrating its 60th anniversary

It’s the 60th anniversary of NASA, but you may not have enough time to check out the long and rich history of the space agency. As of now, you can get caught up in only 60 seconds with a video released by NASA on Monday.

NASA’s video “60 Years in 60 Seconds” covers a number of highlights from its decades in existence.

The images as well as video clips fly by quite fast and furiously, right from astronaut John Glenn climbing into the Mercury Friendship 7 capsule in the year 1962 to a quite vivid view of Mars where NASA had sent a number of rovers in these years.

Of course, there has been a footprint on the moon, but you will also get to see some less known moments, such as an astronaut chilling inside the International Space Station and another one geared up for a training session in a pool.

A soundtrack that has a heavy-metal guitar music crunches away in the video, which reminds us that NASA and its achievements definitely rock pretty hard.

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