Neil Armstrong’s private collection up for Auction in US

Collectors shall now flaunt the rare opportunity to grab themselves a piece from the space history given the fact that the astronaut, Neil Armstrong’s personal collection has been segregated to be auctioned soon. Armstrong is the very first man who walked on the surface of the moon. His collection consists of 3000 items from American history that shall be auctioned in the upcoming month.

The sale has been planned at the Heritage Auctions to commence from 1st November. This date coincides with Armstrong’s mission Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary. Mark Armstrong, the son of the astronaut commented that this auction might help the people remind themselves of the achievements by the country during the 60s. This auction will evidently remind people of the fact that working together in collaboration with clear vision helps with secured achievement of any seemingly impossible aim.

The collection by Armstrong family includes artifacts and items never seen before from his very first lunar landing. This includes the wing pieces and the propeller acquired from 1903 flight by the Wright Brothers which was taken to the lunar surface by Armstrong. The collection also houses many items from his youth and childhood which includes a cap by Boy Scouts along with a letter written by him to Easter Bunny.

The preserving process for this vast collection started about 2 years ago after his sons Rick and Mark Armstrong started going through his collection of items that were left behind post his death. The brother noticed that many of them had started to deteriorate with time. The photos had curled with significant deterioration. The medallions and coins were simply oxidizing with many materials breaking down in the storage unit.

Armstrong’s collection being sold by the Heritage Auctions is one of many auctioned by the company. The company evidently conducted 20+ auctions of several astronauts’ collections of personal artifacts. Greg Rohan, the president at Heritage Auctions commented that they have conducted auctions for several other collections by astronauts but there can be only one man who first walked on moon and that is Neil Armstrong. He stands at the pinnacle for all the space memorabilia.

The highly expensive item up for sale is actually the American flag made of silk that was taken to moon by Armstrong in his personal kit. The sale for this item is to start at $75,000 while the starting price for his flight suit starts at the tag of $30,000.

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