Blue Origin BE-4 Engines to power ULA’s next generation Vulcan Rocket

Blue Origin BE-4 Engines to power ULA's next generation Vulcan Rocket

On 27 September, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced  that the company has selected ‘Blue Origin’ for providing the main engine for its next-gen Vulcan vehicle. This decision was already expected since a long time.

ULA has cleared the air by saying that their Vulcan Launch Vehicle would be using a pair of Blue Origin BE-4 engines. The engine uses liquid oxygen (LOX) as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG) during the first stage of its flight. The vehicle is expected to make its first launch around mid-2020s. Till now, ULA has not disclosed its terms of agreement with Blue Origin. However, Tory Bruno, the president and chief executive of ULA, has declared that they are pleased to work in partnership with Blue Origin. They seem to look forward to the success of the launch of its next generation launch vehicle’s first flight.

Bob Smith, the chief executive officer of Blue Origin has mentioned that it has been one of the greatest days in history of the Blue Origin team. The team is extremely honored that the Blue Origin’s LOX/LNG BE-4 engine is selected by the United Launch Alliance to power the first stage of the Vulcan rocket.

The partnership took four years to realize since both the companies first announced their collaboration for developing the BE-4 engine. In the meantime, ULA also took the AR1 engine into consideration, originally developed by Aerojet Rocketdyne. However, after a brief period Bruno made it clear that BE-4 is their first choice for powering their Vulcan rocket.

So what took so long for ULA to decide which engine to use? In an interview in April 2017, Bruno had mentioned that his team had been waiting for results of some tests of the BE-4 conducted by Blue Origin. This might have delayed the decision. He also said in the same interview that there are some economic factors that needs to be considered and technical risk is always something to stay alert about. So they thought waiting for the test results would be their best option.

Blue Origin first tested the BE-4 in October 2017. Since then the company has gradually accelerated their test campaign.

At the World Satellite Business Week in Paris on September 11, Smith had claimed that the engine has been performing great. Smith said of BE-4 on a Sept. 11 panel at the World Satellite Business Week in Paris. He revealed that his team had put the engine into hundreds of seconds of firing, which includes a 200-second long firing session. The results have been extremely good and the company is happy about the engine’s progress.

50 Cent to offer $1 Million to the winner of Bellator’s welterweight Grand Prix

50 Cent to offer $1 Million to the winner of Bellator’s welterweight Grand Prix

The Bellator’s welterweight grand prix is about to start in a few days. In the meantime, the participants of the championship just got some good news lately.

As per the press release published by Bellator, eminent rapper 50 Cent would take home a massive sum of money from his “Bellator Viacom franchise” deal. The interesting part is that he’ll offer a hefty sum to winner of this tournament.

According to the press release, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) is a knowledgeable MMA fan who is quite passionate about the game. He has already agreed to offer a portion of his monetary deal of 1 million dollars to the champion of the Bellator Welterweight World Grand Prix.

What’s making more news is that Jackson won’t be writing a check to the winner. In fact, he would pay the lucrative sum in cash. Sports enthusiasts have already started speculating about how 50 Cent is going to carry the money to the stadium. Will he carry a briefcase full of Dollars, handcuffed to his wrist? This certainly sounds like a movie.

The most common question to revolve around this never seen before feat is why Curtis decided to do it? According to both Bellator and Jackson, the deal is a part of the fight promotion.

Jackson agreed that he has been excited about his partnership with the Bellator Viacom franchise. In a statement, Jackson revealed that Mixed martial arts is close to his heart, because of its intense action-packed content. This tournament would be the perfect platform for Curtis to promote his luxury champagne brand, ‘Le Chemin du Roi’.

The press release also declared that Bellator along with Jackson would be launching an international apparel brand that would define fashion and add some edge to one’s personality. According to the administrators, this has not happened before, as it was always a hectic task to choose between fashion and edge, which rarely came in a single package. Curtis and Bellator believe that this apparel line would put an end to the debate.

However, Jackson also cleared the air that fighters care less about clothes with distinctive attitude or luxury champagne. They are here to beat the sweat and earn the moolah. In addition to triumphing the Bellator welterweight title, the fighters would be given an open chance of winning an additional $1 million in hard cash, that too from the legendary rapper.

Of course, it sounds great. But the only headache for the winner would be to figure out a way of carrying the cash to their apartment. Everything else is sorted for now.

CDS says Puppies are linked to ‘multidrug-resistant’ infection

CDS says Puppies are linked to 'multidrug-resistant' infection

Ever imagined that best friend of humans can be linked to a multidrug-resistant bacterial infection? As per a recent report by multidrug-resistant bacterial infection, the answer is definitely a yes.

After the completion of a multi-state investigation by CDC and state and local health and agriculture departments, the CDC made an announcement which said that 118 people — which includes 29 pet store workers — from 18 states were known to be infected with the Campylobacter jejuni bacteria from January 2016 and February 2018. Around 16 people were hospitalized, without the occurrence of any deaths.

CDC mentioned in the report that the source of the infection could be linked with puppies that are sold at pet stores. About 105 of the 118 people told that before they became ill they had been exposed to a dog. 101 people mentioned that they had been in touch with a store puppy.

Usually, the humans get infected by Campylobacter bacteria if they eat undercooked or raw poultry. It may even happen due to drinking water or eating other types of foods that are said to be contaminated with the bacteria. CDC also said that the infection can also occur if you be in contact with the feces of a cat or dog.

As per the report by CDC, this infection can lead to health issues like fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

CDC also said in the report that this outbreak shows that puppies can be a source causing multidrug-resistant Campylobacter infections in humans, that warrants a deeper look at the antimicrobial use in the commercial industry dedicated to dogs. CDC also added that no single distributor, transporter or breeder was identified as the source of infection.

CDC also mentioned that “hygiene and animal husbandry practices” could lessen the antibiotics’ need, which a few deadly Campylobacter infections are known to be resistant to.

The health agency also said that reviews of store record revealed that from 149 puppies that were investigated, 142 (95%) received one or more antibiotics’ courses, which raised concern that use of antibiotic might have caused the development of resistance.

For the need of precautions, CDC recommends to wash hands each time before having meals, after using the washroom and following cleaning up after petting animals.

Trump administration probes complaint that Yale is discriminating against Asian-Americans

Trump administration probes complaint that Yale is discriminating against Asian-Americans

There has been an allegation against the Yale University that the educational institution has been discriminating in terms of their admission process for Asian-American applicants. The Trump administration is currently investigating the matter. Not only Yale, but similar complaint has been filed for other leading Ivy League schools as well, namely Dartmouth and Brown. It all started in 2016, when the Asian American Coalition for Education launched their complaint against these massive educational organizations. Presently, both America’s Justice Department as well as the Education Department, has been bestowed with responsibility for investigating such allegations.

Accusations have also been made against Harvard University for discriminating against the applicants of Asian origin. Intellectuals are complaining that the Obama-led administration had instructed the superintendents of schools and colleges to take an applicant’s race into consideration, while aiming to diversify their respective campuses.

A majority of civil rights attorneys are seeing the current administration’s actions as an effort to put an end to the policies, which the Supreme Court has upheld many times. Experts feel such actions are open to vulnerability, thanks to President Donald Trump’s vision of creating a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. However, such a feat would be possible only if nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s positioning into the Court is confirmed.

Recently, a letter has been sent to the Asian American Coalition for Education by the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights. The letter clearly says that the department is currently probing into the allegations against Yale. The department is conducting an investigation to figure out if the University has discriminated against any Asian-American applicant by treating them differently during their admission process, solely based on their race.

However, Peter Salovey, President at Yale has defended his institution’s admission policies as he mentioned that there has been a considerable growth in the number of Asian-American students at Yale. He referred to the fact that the total campus population of Asian-Americans has witnessed a noticeable growth from 14 percent of the incoming first-year, to approximately 21.7 percent for the class of 2022.

The investigation is being carried out in context of the legal challenges faced at other universities. It also aims to overturn the Supreme Court’s instructions of considering individual race during college admissions. In his letter, Peter stated that Yale never indulges into discrimination against any of its applicants, irrespective of their racial or ethnic diversity. Besides, he also affirmed that the University is committed towards promoting cultural diversity as one of its values; a pillar on which the institute has managed to establish it’s reputation.

Russian Officer named as Suspect in Salisbury Poisoning

Russian Officer named as Suspect in Salisbury Poisoning

A former spy from Russia and his daughter were poisoned earlier this year. The culprits were unknown until recently, when a team of investigative journalists of British and Russian origin, named a highly reputed personality behind his nuisance. The person who has been accused of this crime is currently serving as a colonel in Russia’s military intelligence service. The name of the accused is Col. Anatoly V. Chepiga, who had received the title ‘Hero of the Russian Federation” in 2014, for his contribution in eastern Ukraine. According to sources, such a reward is offered only to a handful of officers personally by the country’s president Vladimir Putin.

Before the media pointed out Anatoly as the possible murderer, Britain had identified two men as the prime suspects in this case. This is because they had visited Salisbury hours before the latter was killed. However, the two accused men told the Russian media that they work as sports nutritionists and had visited the former Russian intelligence officer to scout for new nutrition related products.

As it happens in a high profile case, the police in Britain did not comment on this report, while Russia chose to stay silent on this matter. However, Moscow has rejected any claims of its involvement in the murder of their former spy, Sergei V. Skripal. Sergei was reportedly living in Salisbury, a city in Britain. He came to Britain shortly after being released from the Russian prison.

However, as per the reports released by Bellingcat — thr group that also researched about the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria — has reportedly supported Britain’s claim that Moscow might have been responsible for the poisoning.

Too cast light on the case, journalists had provided details on their methodology of identifying Colonel Chepiga to be one of the potential suspects.

Previously, the British authority had released security camera images that revealed two main suspects in this matter. The British authority had also declared the name those men to be Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, respectively. There names were confirmed on the basis of their Russian passports. However, the officials didn’t deny any possibility of those men using their name as aliases. As per the new reports, Mr. Boshirov, might actually is Colonel Chepiga, in disguise.

During the early phase of this month, the British authority had released few security camera images. These images displayed two men traveling to the crime scene and back to Moscow. Investigators have reportedly found traces of the Novichok; nerve agent used for poisoning Sergei, in the hotel room of those two mysterious men on camera.

Home of mysterious ‘Oumuamua’ space object found by Scientists

Home of mysterious 'Oumuamua' space object found by Scientists

It all started when Oumuamua, a mysterious celestial entity was discovered by a European spacecraft. Astronomers were surprised to see the first interstellar object to have ever appeared in our solar system. Relying upon the observational data collected by the spacecraft, a team of international astronomers were able to identify four dwarf stars. These are believed to be the possible home of this interstellar object. As per the evidence, Oumuamua was ejected into space by any of these planets, about approximately a million years ago.

However, it’s still a debate whether such a planet revolves around any of the stars that have been already identified by our scientists. Even scientists aren’t sure of that. It is also a possibility that we don’t really know the planet yet, that gave birth to this ultimate celestial mystery.

Groups of scientists have even tried tracking Oumuamua back to its origin only to fail at their attempts. However, the recent data published by the Gaia Probe; belonging to the European Space Agency, revealed some valuable insights about the phenomenon. Gaia is the space observatory dedicated towards the collection of information regarding the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy.

According to an astronomer Alan Jackson, this new data received from Gaia has provided a clearer picture of far away stars and helps in monitoring their movement. Therefore, it is just a matter of time when the scientists would be able to successfully track the origins of this mysterious comet.

According to astronomers, Gaia has been able to collect detailed information about over 7 million stars, along with another 220,000, as per mentioned in the astronomical literature. After carrying out some specialised calculations, Gaia has identified four stars that have possibly come within a couple of light-years of Oumuamua within the last 7 million years. One of them is HIP 3757,  a red dwarf star, while the other is HD 292249, which resembles our Sun. There is not much information available for the other two stars.

The recent research is obviously not the final nail on the coffin, when it comes to speculation about Oumuamua’s origins. It is mainly because; the research is unable to figure out the native star from which this comet has originated. Possibilities of Oumuamua coming from an entirely different star in furthest corner of our space, is also undeniable. Scientists feel that sending a spacecraft near Oumuamua can answer all those unsolved questions. But it will take considerable time.

Ocean County among the hardest hit areas by opioid drug deaths

Ocean County among the hardest hit areas by opioid drug deaths

For every 2,344 residents in Ocean County in 2016 one person died of a suspected drug overdose. As per the new data released on the Tuesday, New Jersey holds the second-highest rate of overdose deaths. However, last year, according to state data for the first time since 2014, there was a fall in the number of drug overdose deaths in the county.

Among the state’s 21 counties; Monmouth County had the 10th-highest death rate due to overdose of drugs. The latest numbers as released by the New Jersey Coordinator for Addiction Responses and Enforcement Strategies, recommend a severe look at the toll and asked for efforts to fight it.

The numbers give an assorted picture. Opioid prescriptions in Monmouth and Ocean counties — and across the state — are decreasing, although in many parts deaths are still getting higher. You may check out the video.

In 2017 nearly 2,750 people died from suspected overdose; Statewide. It was almost eight each day and a leap of about 24 percent over 2016. Well, for the first time less than 5 million opioid prescriptions were issued in the state.

Ocean County

Ocean County has time and again been one of the areas with the hardest hit by the curse of opioid dependence and overdose deaths. In 2016, the county had the second-largest rate of overdose deaths. The statistics on deaths per county population was, however, not released for 2017.

Ocean and Atlantic noticed a drop in overdose deaths last year at a time that many other areas of the state saw a rolling number of serious overdoses. The figure of opioid prescriptions in Ocean County too fell from more than 450,000 in 2016 to less than 420,000 previous year. The cut follows a state law passed in February 2017 that checks the span of initial opioid prescriptions to five days. However, Ocean County continued to be a hot spot for opioid craving. “The crisis is persistently varying,” Coronato said. “You should be insistent; you need to regularly be changing these programs.”

Monmouth County

The figure of supposed overdose deaths has been mounting in Monmouth County in recent years, rising from 85 in 2013 to 171 last year, the fifth-most in the state, as per the initial data. Record says there was one overdose death for every 3,822 county inhabitants in 2016, the 10th-highest passing away rate among the state’s 21 counties and somewhat worse than New Jersey’s standard of one death per 4,043 population.