Paul Molitor’s firing shows no one is safe as cutthroat MLB quickly kicks managers to curb

Paul Molitor has been with The Minnesota Twins from past 4 seasons. However, according to reports the manager has been fired, which shows that today there is no place for loyalty and sentiments in baseball.

There is a cut-throat competition in Major League Baseball. If you want to secure your place then you have to make sure that you keep winning. It was just a year back when Paul Molitor received the manager of the year award. He was also given a three-year contract. But today he has lost his job.

He was informed about the team management’s decision in an emotional meeting on Tuesday. He was given the offer of special assistant but that is only for public relations. All his achievements have taken a back seat and he has lost his job.

Currently, the Twins are having a really bad team and they have a record of 78-84.  They are much behind Cleveland Indians. To be specific they are behind by 13 games. Since the opening day, he is the 5th manager and now lost his job. Bryan Price of Cincinnati, Mike Matheny of St. Louis, Jeff Bannister of Texas, John Gibbons of Toronto and Mike Scioscia of the Los Angeles Angels have also been fired. Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles might be next in the line of firing.

Dave Roberts who is the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers led them in game 7 of the World Series last year. His contract for the next season so far has not been renewed. If the Dodgers bow down in the first round against Atlanta Brave then Dave Roberts might be shown the door too. The fate of Chicago manager Joe Maddon also depends a lot on the wild card game that they have against the Colorado Rockies. His $6 million has to be settled if he wants to stay long enough as the manager. But if the Chicago Cubs do not manage to reach the World Series then it might be time to say goodbye to their manager. If Maddon does not manage to get the extension then Former Cubs infielder and MLB analyst Mark DeRosa might get the job.

In this new difficult phase of baseball, no manager’s job is safe. They are not even allowed to decide on the line up. They cannot even make a decision on who the relievers will be. All these assessments are done by the front office. Managers have to accept the new trend or quit.

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