Processed meat could be the cause behind rising instances of breast cancer: Suggests latest study

According to the revelations brought forward by latest study, consumption of processed meats such as sausages, bacon, as well as ham could actually be adding to the existing risk of the menacing breast cancer. Regular consumption of these processed food items was linked to a whopping 9 percent increased risk for breast cancer as confirmed by the analysis of all the previous studies conducted over the female population comprising of 1.2 million individuals.

These findings come from the in-depth study of previous research acquired from World Health Organization. The WHO categorized the processed meat under the list of carcinogen post revelation that consuming them can lead to induction of various version of cancer found in human cells. Preserved meat can be defined as the food item that has been preserved for a certain time period with the use of processes such as curing, smoking, and salting.

The authors of the study stated that the Meta-analysis and systematic review of the study reports show a significantly positive connection between the consumption of processed meat with risks of acquiring breast cancer. Dr. Maryam Farvid, the lead author of the latest study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health stated that cutting down on the amount of processed meat being consumed on a regular basis helps with reduction of potential danger from breast cancer.

However, the scientists didn’t point out to processed meat being cut off completely from the diets. The research paper actually leaves more questions to be answered than actual answers derived finally. It doesn’t actually prove that the increased intake of processed meat leads directly to the chances of breast cancer, explained Kevin McConway, the emeritus professor for applied statistics who works at UK’s Open University.

The research doesn’t cater accurate information in terms of number for the cases of this cancer that would surface when each subject was made to eat an extra slice of bacon sandwich every day. The authors of the study also accepted the fact that previous studies had inconsistent connection between breast cancer and processed meat.

Breast cancer has been termed as one among the highly common cancer affecting women all over the world as confirmed by World Cancer Research Fund. The fact that processed meat can be carcinogenic is actually strong but the risk an individual has from the same is actually small with population relevancy.

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