Russian Officer named as Suspect in Salisbury Poisoning

A former spy from Russia and his daughter were poisoned earlier this year. The culprits were unknown until recently, when a team of investigative journalists of British and Russian origin, named a highly reputed personality behind his nuisance. The person who has been accused of this crime is currently serving as a colonel in Russia’s military intelligence service. The name of the accused is Col. Anatoly V. Chepiga, who had received the title ‘Hero of the Russian Federation” in 2014, for his contribution in eastern Ukraine. According to sources, such a reward is offered only to a handful of officers personally by the country’s president Vladimir Putin.

Before the media pointed out Anatoly as the possible murderer, Britain had identified two men as the prime suspects in this case. This is because they had visited Salisbury hours before the latter was killed. However, the two accused men told the Russian media that they work as sports nutritionists and had visited the former Russian intelligence officer to scout for new nutrition related products.

As it happens in a high profile case, the police in Britain did not comment on this report, while Russia chose to stay silent on this matter. However, Moscow has rejected any claims of its involvement in the murder of their former spy, Sergei V. Skripal. Sergei was reportedly living in Salisbury, a city in Britain. He came to Britain shortly after being released from the Russian prison.

However, as per the reports released by Bellingcat — thr group that also researched about the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria — has reportedly supported Britain’s claim that Moscow might have been responsible for the poisoning.

Too cast light on the case, journalists had provided details on their methodology of identifying Colonel Chepiga to be one of the potential suspects.

Previously, the British authority had released security camera images that revealed two main suspects in this matter. The British authority had also declared the name those men to be Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, respectively. There names were confirmed on the basis of their Russian passports. However, the officials didn’t deny any possibility of those men using their name as aliases. As per the new reports, Mr. Boshirov, might actually is Colonel Chepiga, in disguise.

During the early phase of this month, the British authority had released few security camera images. These images displayed two men traveling to the crime scene and back to Moscow. Investigators have reportedly found traces of the Novichok; nerve agent used for poisoning Sergei, in the hotel room of those two mysterious men on camera.

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