Ryan Lochte battles his alcohol addiction, enters rehab

Ryan Lochte, the renowned American swimmer is currently seeking treatment for his alcohol addiction. The athlete is soon to enter the rehab program. A representative working for this renowned swimmer and the medalist for Olympic sports confirmed to the Yahoo Entertainment that Ryan has actually been battling the issues from alcohol addiction since long and it has now become a particularly destructive pattern in his life.

The player has now acknowledged the fact that he requires professional assistance in order to overcome this problem. The statement further reveals that the player understands this addiction is something that he must stay away from, so as to avoid any future instances where he might make a poor decision. Lochte aims to be a great father and the perfect husband and in order to do so; he needs to get a hold over his addiction issues. Further, the player is to participate at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which will be his 5th participation. This requires him to return back to his original field dominant self in order to win the game.

Lochte is now seeking help post an incident that took place at the hotel located in the Newport Beach of California on Thursday morning. It was reported that the athlete attempted to kick through the hotel room door after the previous night when he was completely drunk. Followed by this, the police officials were called in to control the situation. However, no arrests took place given the fact that the player made required arrangements in order to substitute for the broken door.

However, this isn’t the first time Lochte was involved in an alcohol-related issue. During the Rio Olympics held in the year 2016, the athlete falsified the story of being robbed after being held by a goon at gunpoint. This happened when he along with 3 other swimmers had been returning back to Olympic Village post a party night. Revelations surfaced later on confirming that the group actually vandalized the gas station nearby and made up the cover story. Following this, the athlete was given 10-month long suspension from USA Swimming.

This summer, Lochte was slapped with another 14 month long suspension from U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. This suspension came after the picture posted by him over social media which showed the athlete getting some recreational IV. According to USADA, the shots showcased Lochte injecting a permitted substance while at a particular infusion clinic. The substance was of volume more than the limit of 100 ml within 12-hour interval and that too without a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption). However, the player is still looking forward to a better 2020.

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