Second Pret customer died after allergic reaction to sandwich

As per latest reports, it has been confirmed that another customer at the Pret a Manger, the London based restaurant chain, died post consumption of a sandwich that contained allergen with no notification of the same on its label.

Pret a Manger is a coffee-and-sandwich based business that is currently investigating the case which is a second time in the row after the very first customer’s death was seen in the month of December last year. The previous customer’s death was actually due to consumption of a noted dairy-free product which turned out to be decked with dairy protein. The costumer ordered for the “Super-veg Rainbow Flatbread” which eventually led to his death given the fact he was allergic to dairy.

However, the company has been playing blame game. The spokesperson for Pret a Manger recently commented that the fault comes from its supply chain for dairy-free yoghurt that is provided by the supplier named CoYo. Following the incident, Pret a Manger has now made a promise to improve the labeling system after following the criticism from its clients and customers.

The death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, a 15-year-old customer who succumbed to death from allergy in the year 2016 was the reason that provoked negative interest towards the brand. The customer died after eating the Pret Baguette which contained the sesame traces leading to an allergic reaction, which eventually caused her death.

Ednan-Laperouse’s parents are campaigning to increase the safety protocols for strong allergens in terms of label warnings. They commented that they are incredibly saddened after coming across the news that someone else also lost their life after consuming the food at Pret a Manger.

The officials at Pret organized investigation of its food products along with two other independent authorities. Surely enough it was revealed that ingredient provided by CoYo actually contained dairy when labeled dairy-free. The FSA (Food Standards Agency) was informed of this findings and all the CoYO products since were recalled all over the nation to ensure no further loss of life from misinformation.

Pret officials offered their deepest condolences stating that they are going to take legal action for the trade malpractice against CoYo. However, CoYo denied all the allegations stating that it wasn’t their product that caused this allergic reaction that turned out to be a fatal one. The company also stated that the dairy-free product provided to the sandwich company was back in 2017 during the time of tragedy which was in no way linked with the recalled products in 2018.

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