Showalter And Duquette will not return to Orioles next season

The club formally announced on Wednesday night that the contracts for both manager Buck Showalter and executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette concludes at the end of the month and they would no longer be associated with the organization. As a result, The Orioles headed in a new direction.

In addition, the club declared that they are planning to appoint an executive from outside the organization in place of Duquette. Till then the director of player development Brian Graham will administer baseball operations.

Showalter arrived in August 2010 after the team fired Dave Trembley and endorsed Juan Samuel to a short-term manager. Duquette was employed to substitute Andy MacPhail in November 2011 after being away from the game for nine years. Showalter signed a five-year agreement and Duquette’s agreement was extended for four years.

Duquette took charge of the under-the-radar pickups like pitchers Miguel Gonzalez and a one-year contract for Nelson Cruz, key components in the 2014 American League East-winning team, and Showalter skilfully navigated a striking bullpen that season.

The O’s attained the AL Championship Series that year without All-Stars Manny Machado, Chris Davis or Matt Wieters. Showalter succeeded to be the 2014 AL Manager of the Year and Duquette got the  Sporting News Executive of the Year Award.

The organization, however, thanked Dan and Buck for their contributions over the past several years. In a statement, Greg Bader said that under the leadership of these persons prior to the 2018 season for six consecutive years, the club delivered spirited teams playing significant baseball into September. Showalter and Duquette were congratulated for their contributions for the Orioles. In his speech, Bader repeatedly mentioned that everyone in Birdland and across the organization would cherish their association with the organization. They all joined to thank Dan and Buck for their contributions.

Showalter has a name as a straightforward manager. His players respect his baseball knowledge and ability to handle a team. He always discussed with each of them on a regular basis, almost always offering support.

Well, whoever joins after Showalter and Duquette will connect with a group mid-rebuild. There are stars like Kevin Gausman, Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop, Darren O’Day and Brad Brach. Outfielder Adam Jones is entering free agency and possibly won’t come back. Nevertheless, rebuilding efforts may be constrained by the Orioles’ agreement with struggling first baseman Chris Davis, who will take home $17 million next year.

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