South Korea begins to remove mines, expects North to do same

Seoul has made it clear that South Korea has started clearing mines from two of its sites lying within the heavily fortified border with North Korea by completing a package of tension-reduction deal between the two rival nations.

North Korea is supposed to follow the same on Monday, says Seoul’s Defense Ministry.

Ministry officials told that South Korea’s troops have entered the Demilitarized Zone on Monday morning in order to remove the mines that were around the Panmunjom’s border village and another frontline area where they are planning their first joint searches in collaboration with North Korea for soldiers from the 1950-53 Korean War.

The militaries of Korea have agreed on a number of deals which aims to lower their decades-long military opposition on the sidelines of a summit among their leaders in Pyongyang.

These move comes in the middle of renewed international diplomacy on the nuclear program North Korea.

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