Supporters angered after Fujimori’s call back to the prison by Supreme Court

After being pardoned just last year, the former dictator from Republic of Peru named Alberto Fujimori has been ordered to return back to the prison. He was imprisoned given his history with the abuse of human rights but was pardoned.  Now with debates reignited over the inevitable fate of this region’s highly contentious figures, the autocrat was recalled on Wednesday to get back to the prison.

The advocates of human rights supported this ruling. However, the defiant supporters of Mr. Fujimori along with his daughter Keiko who holds a powerful political position, rallied outside the house on the very same day to condemn this call back. Ms. Fujimori commented that this act w as a persecution against her family.

Mr. Fujimori, who is 80 now, used to rule at the position of a dictator during the 90s after the suspension of the constitution. This caused his dispatch to the prison cell only when he tried and staged a political return during the early half of the 2000s. According to the statement released over the social media site, Twitter, the autocrat was released last December. However, his fate was reversed this Wednesday when the country’s Supreme Court issued the order for him to be arrested once again.

Mr. Fujimori’s lawyer, Miguel Perez Arroyo said in a statement lent to a popular Peruvian television which confirmed that he was dismayed with this latest decision but they will surely comply with the decision for now. However, the lawyer will file an appeal for change of the new order. This change of events happened early in the evening when Mr. Fujimora was taken to the hospital located in Lima which is the capital city of Peru. However, the authorities arrived right at the hospital in order to take back Mr. Fujimora with arrest orders.

He was sentenced to prison from 2009 for a term of 25 years. He was involved with the killing of 24+ people who were assassinated by the military squad said to have been created by Mr. Fujimori. However, he was pardoned by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski who is the president, under medical grounds.

This particular announcement of the autocrat’s release took the entire country by surprise especially because Mr. Kuczynski wasn’t the ally of Peru’s ex-president. Francisco Soberon who is the director at Association for Human Rights commented that this latest decision by the court is welcomed by the families affected by those murders instigated by Mr. Fujimori.

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