Trump administration trying to reduce EPA radiation regulations

According to the recent EPA online guidelines, there is a risk of cancer from any exposure to any radiations. The Trump administration is trying to reduce the EPA radiation regulations. They are relying on statements like a bit of damage due to radiations is good just like how a little bit of sunlight is good.

The government’s current guideline which has been followed for many years state, that exposure to harmful radiations will increase the risk of deadly cancer. According to critics, if changes are made to this guideline then it will expose many people to harmful radiations. This includes people who are working at nuclear installations and oil and gas drilling sites. Even medical workers who do Xrays and CT scans will be at a higher risk. People who lived close to Superfund sites and the general public were at the risk of getting exposed to radiations.

This administration has already worked on regulations that involve toxins, pollutants, coal power plant emissions and car exhaust.  Those who are supporting the new proposal feel that the no tolerance policy only puts unnecessary burden of spending when there is exposure in accidents in the different sites.

According to the toxicologist Edward Calabrese, this will have a positive effect on the health of human beings and it will also help in saving lots of money. He had made these remarks when he had given an interview in 2016 to a California based NGO. These remarks were quoted by EPA when it made an announcement of the policy in the month of April.

The changes that have been made in regulation are now out for the public. They can give their comments about the same. However, no announcement has been made so far as to when this new policy will be adopted.

We all know that radiation is there everywhere, but the ones that can have a harmful effect on the human cells and even lead to cancer are the cause of concern.

According to current guidelines even a small amount of exposure of around 100 millisieverts of radiation can have a detrimental effect. However, according to some experts, this will not have a harmful effect on the body. However, Calabrese and his supporters feel that exposure to small amount of radiations can actually help in activating the body’s repair mechanism and this can help in making the person healthy.

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